Sanctum Films

 What We Do

We can take a film project from concept to delivery. Short documentary films for fundraising and to help spread awareness of a cause or issue are our specialty. We can also work with you or other production companies in specific areas like directing, editing, camera, and sound recording and mixing.

Start With a Good Story

Stories are what we build our lives around. The stories that our family told us growing up, the stories that our teachers told us in school, the stories that our politicians tell us, and the stories that we learn from in spiritual settings are what shape us. They frame our beliefs and actions. The goal of Sanctum Films is to make films that tell stories that allow us to change our minds, attitudes, and spending habits for the good. If you’re able to start with a good story everything else (like your target audience, your call to action, the demographic you’re going after, etc.) should fall into place.


Who Runs This Place Anyway

Sanctum Films is me, Michael Wolcott. On bigger projects I partner with friends and other production companies and on smaller projects sometimes it’s just me making a film. As one of the creators of the television show Life on the Line I’ve been able to work as everything from producer, director, editor, sound mixer and cameraman for a nationally televised series. For well over a decade I’ve been making documentaries, fundraising films for nonprofits, and corporate films. The goal of the stories I tell is to raise awareness and have people take action in the hope that together we can make a positive impact in the way we interact with each other and the world around us. My work has taken me from Haiti, to Afghanistan, Malawi, China, and many places in between. If you think we could help you with a project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Michael Wolcott, Owner of Sanctum Films

Michael Wolcott, Owner of Sanctum Films